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    3. ผลบาสเกาหลี


      Whether you are starting a business or acquiring a business to register, we can assist you in every phase of the process. Our professional legal team will help ensure that the process of registering your company in Thailand is hassle free.

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      Maintaining accurate accounts is mandatory for every organization under Thai law. We, at Sunbelt Asia, have the team of experts that can take care of your accounts in an efficient and accurate manner to ensure the smooth and effective management of your business.

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      When changing company shareholders or directors, increasing registered capital, or even changing the company name, civil commercial regulations need to be followed. Our English-speaking layers and advisors can assist you by providing a wide range of corporate secretarial and administrative services.

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      Sunbelt Asia lawyers and our immigration team helps thousands of foreigners, Thais and corporations on all their immigration requirements. Our English-speaking lawyers can help you today.

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      Sunbelt Asia lawyers and our team have helped thousands of people and companies with their legal services since 2002. We can assist in family adoptions, marriage and divorce, property and corporate law, notarial services and translation. We also offer legal consultations where we evaluate your case and give you accurate advice on how to best proceed with your legal matter.

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      If you are interested in starting your own company or purchasing an ongoing business we can provide you with all the details covering all the major industries in Thailand.

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      Buy or Sell a Business in Thailand

      We are Thailand’s largest business services network and part of the largest in the world with over 260 offices across the globe. We are the number one source for expats in Thailand since 2001 and ranked Number 1 for business service in Entrepreneur Magazine. The dream of owning your own business can now become a reality. If you have ever wanted to buy a business in Thailand or sell a business in Thailand we can be your guide. We are the premier broker in Southeast Asia and buying and selling businesses on behalf of clients. We were the first business transfer specialist in Thailand and we now have over 20,000 registered buyers and sellers managed by our qualified Thai and English-speaking business consultants.

      Description City Asking Price Revenue CashFlow
      Food Supplement Shop Bangkok 16,900,000 22,067,194 N/A
      Space for rent/JV Bangkok 360,000 N/A N/A
      Fun kids, Play ground, Edutaiment Bangkok 13,500,000 10,800,000 N/A
      Franchise Fast food Bangkok 3,500,000 2,808,133 538,922
      Pico Finance Loan company Chonburi 3,000,000 N/A N/A
      Online expat directory Bangkok 2,200,000 1,393,321 1,250,000
      Education Bangkok 30,000,000 N/A N/A
      Hostel Phuket 1,200,000 1,380,000 200,000
      Restaurant and Bar Bangkok 1,800,000 N/A N/A
      Pet Products importer and distributor Bangkok 3,500,000 1,143,815 2,866
      Home stay and hostel Koh Phangan 2,500,000 3,000,000 250,000
      Italian Restaurant Bangkok 2,800,000 3,400,000 N/A
      Hotel Koh Samui 82,150,000 N/A N/A
      Yoga Studio and Wellness company Bangkok 2,200,000 5,340,000 N/A
      Restaurant and cafe Hua Hin 16,500,000 N/A N/A
      Website service, application service Bangkok 10,000,000 14,605,399 2,900,000
      Vehicle rental, Event organization Bangkok 2,000,000 1,900,000 N/A
      Hotel and restaurant Kanjanaburi 4,800,000 6,000,000 1,500,000
      Hotel, Bar and Restaurant Bangkok 44,000,000 18,500,000 N/A
      Salon, wax , nail and spa Bangkok 4,200,000 7,500,000 1,600,000

      Business News

      Day Title
      Apr 28 2019 >> Amazon opens new office in Bangkok to increase global reach of Thai vendors
      Apr 21 2019 >> Cabinet approves budget for third runway at Suvarnabhumi
      Apr 13 2019 >> New labor laws to be implemented May 5
      Apr 6 2019 >> AoT expects over 3 million passengers during Songkran
      Mar 31 2019 >> Large convention center planned for Phuket
      Mar 24 2019 >> TAT predicts 2.3 million for Songkran
      Mar 17 2019 >> Don Mueang Airport expansion on track
      Mar 10 2019 >> Half of all new condo purchases by foreigners in Bangkok by Chinese
      Mar 2 2019 >> Seventeen foreign firms approved for business, BOI approves five new projects for incentives
      Feb 24 2019 >> Thai Economy grew 3.7 percent in the fourth quarter
      Feb 17 2019 >> Thailand climbs up WEF Global Competitiveness ratings
      Feb 10 2019 >> Thailand's e-commerce sector fastest growing in ASEAN
      Feb 2 2019 >> Thailand top destination for Chinese tourists at Chinese New Year
      Jan 25 2019 >> Elections expected to boost economy, attract investors
      Jan 20 2019 >> Gems and Jewelry exports continue to grow
      Jan 12 2019 >> Bangkok number one city in Mastercard Global Cities Index for overnight visitors
      Jan 6 2019 >> Annual audits due - please book by February 15
      Dec 30 2018 >> Strong economic growth in November is expected to continue through the end of the year
      Dec 22 2018 >> 2G networks to be shut down next year
      Dec 16 2018 >> Digital economy continues to grow

      Why Choose Us?

      Sunbelt is proud to offer an expansive list of legal, accounting and business related services. We are experts in every phase of the Thai legal system and should be your only choice for accurate advice.
      We do what we say. So be assured that if we say we can do it, you will have nothing to worry about. Our experienced lawyers make every difficult decision of yours a breeze.
      Sunbelt Legal Advisors are a team of International Advisors working together with Thai Licensed Lawyers to bring you accurate advice and definitive legal services regarding all your requirements for living and working in Thailand.

      Accurate Advice you can trust.

      We know what you need... Accurate concise information you can trust.

      We understand the frustration you get when you ask a question on a forum or on social media and you get numerous different answers, as well variety of interpretations to a law. Add in that interpretation of the law may be revised and can also be dramatically different from one officer to another. We at Sunbelt Asia have been in the business for over 15 years and are known by expats for the precision and accuracy of our information. Knowing what the officers are looking for today is key. This is our business and that is why we maintain the gold standard as your one stop solution for visas, work permits, opening a company, wills, marriage and other legal matters. We offer clear accurate information given by English speakers. It’s why we have been the number one source for information for expats doing business in Thailand.

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